Meeting called to order by president Andrew Stearns.
Dan Doore led us in the flag salute.
Jamie Hekkelman shared an inspirational story from Mark Chernoff called “All the Difference in the World.” It was about a woman who cleaned turtles at a lake on Sunday mornings. A man observing her asked why she would do it since she could help only a few of the turtles on earth. She responded if this turtle could talk, it would say she made all the difference in the world. The moral of the story: You can change the world – maybe not all at once, but one person, one animal, and one good deed at a time.  Wake up every morning and pretend like what you do makes a difference.  It does. Thank you, Jamie.
Guests: Rob Boucher. Rob has submitted an application to join.
Doug Brent brought his wife Marjorie and his daughter Laura. Laura works in security and has worked at NATO and DHS. Doug said she is on the phone so she can make any corrections to his presentation. 
Patti van der Burg from the We Care Committee asked us to let them know if anyone needs a card or any support. Susanne Boxer-Gassman thanked the committee for the card she received. She is recovering very well with her new knee.
Ron Cassel announced that Cardie Harmon’s wife passed away about three weeks ago.
Membership Committee chair, Lisa Cheskin, wanted to remind (pressure) everyone about the family membership that she and her husband Barry enjoy.  Maybe Lydia Rosen or Marjorie Brent would like to join them?
The Rotary planter has just been tended to and is now ready for the holidays. Lydia Norcia said it was her first time and it was very easy, the soil is perfect. Also helping Dick Konard were Ron Cassel and Greg Gomon. They planted a new type of cyclamen that is just out this year. Stop by to see them. Thanks for keeping our planter looking so good. 


Rotary Foundation: A reminder was sent. Dan Snyder said keep giving. 
Holiday Wish Drive: Lisa C. we are up to 29 gifts, our goal is to meet or beat last year’s 126 gifts. Judy Rodriguez said it is so easy, go to the club website, you’ll see a link on the club home page or you can click here.
WineFest: Patti vdB gave a big thank you to Art Rabitz and other club members we have reached $12,250 in cash sponsorship. This is a record for us. 
St. Luke's: Meghan Burton thanked Carol Abela, Randy Cobb, Doug Brent, Grady Jeter and Tina Orsi-Hartigan for their donations to St. Luke’s this morning.

Twenty for Twenty:

  • Andrew was fined for his fax machine going off. He also gave $20 for UCLA’s football win. 
  • John Pencer gave $20 for SJSU 4-0 season this year. This is their best season in years. Ron Cassel and Marlon Smith also gave for SJSU.
  • Haryl Pascal gave $20 for our Good Samaritan, Greg Butterfield, who helps Don McCleve attend our Zoom meetings. Hal Rosen also gave as thanks to Greg.  Don gave in appreciation of Greg too. 
  • Doug Brent was happy to have his daughter on the call, and gave to scholarship fund.
  • Robert Chaykin gave in honor of the astronauts reaching the space station. 
  • Greg gave in honor of the beating his GI tract takes after having Thai food with Don for the last 12 weeks. 
  • Other people giving in honor of Greg’s GI tract were Mike Norcia, Dan Snyder, Kirsten. Sarita gave in recognition of her GI tract. In all, according to Dan, various GI tracts raised $200 today!


Our program was Doug Brent speaking on Keeping Hackers/Scammers Away from your Data and Money. Doug was inspired to give this presentation after one of our members was targeted and he helped her straighten out the mess it caused. This is a multi billion-dollar worldwide problem. Using Zoom survey, he asked us to think about how much we value security over convenience. He wanted us to be aware that increased security means less convenience. Doug gave us seven tips on how to protect ourselves, in order of importance they are:
  • Use multi-factor authentication 
  • Good and unique passwords (a different one for every account you sign into)
  • Lock your credit file
  • Avoid clicking links in email (even if you know the sender) 
  • Never give out personal information
  • Move to a more simple/secure device
  • Use common sense and the right tools
Thanks, Doug, for this great presentation. Lots of great information. I’m sure everyone learned something new. Click here to see the presentation slides.

No meeting next week. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

“The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time.” Douglas Wood.
Meeting adjourned.