Andrew Stearns got the party started at 12:33. 

Erika Buck gave the inspiration from ‘The Daily Stoic’. The meditation for 10/13 is “revenge is a dish best not served.” Don’t meet rudeness with rudeness or dishonesty with dishonesty.  Be the example others can follow. Living morally and well is quite nice.

Next week’s meeting challenge: Wear your favorite team colors or have a zoom background of your favorite sports team!

Rotary Anniversaries: Lloyd Grant, Chris Trapani, Mike Norcia, Andrea Lee, Wes Sadumiano, Geraldine Arce, Marty Fishman, Dick Konrad, Doug Brent, and Erik Beeson.


Ron Cassel presented special club recognition to Ed Stahl

Ed was president of our club 1981 and 82, served on many committees such as the Great Race, BBQ, and President’s Brunch, and he traveled to the Philippines twice to work on a children’s hospital and a computer lab. 

Ed’s daughter, Susan, was present to see him get the award.

Congratulations Ed!

Rotarian of the Year Award for 2019-2020 -  we have 2 of them!!!

Amy Potts - Amy has been a member with Los Gatos since 2014. She is the mother of three wonderful children, a successful fundraiser and marketer, has been club VP, is involved with youth programs, and is a volunteer extraordinaire!

Her parents, husband, and three kids were present to see her get her award.

Her father shared her ongoing and lasting impact on young people in Pacific Northwest because of her role leading youth volunteer projects to Ecuador. Her mother said she is so proud of her.

Patti van der Burg - Patti has been a member since 2014. She is the head of our world service committee, leads the crabfest auction, is liaison for the Langling school, and works extensively to feed those in need through Peninsula Foodrunners. 

Patti thanked her parents for their example of service. Her husband, brothers, sister, son, and friend were there to see her receive the award and her husband and sister expressed how proud they are of her.


Thank you to both of these extraordinary women who make a difference every day. We are honored to serve with you in Rotary.


Oct 23 - Fall fundraiser movie night

Mama Mia! It’s a week from Friday on 10/23 at 7pm in the Calvary Church parking lot. 

Yay! A real event! Email Tina for tickets and let her know if you will be in a car or out in a chair or blanket. You’ll be able to listen to the movie through car radio.

Money raised will go to local fire victims.

We can’t advertise it or post it on social media, but we can invite our friends. Tickets are $50.

Oct 28- 2nd Harvest Food Bank event. See Patti van der Burg.

Nov 7 - Oak Meadow Park clean up. Just show up!

Guest Speaker

Hal Rosen introduced Dr Joel Ernst, Professor at UCSF and Chief of Experimental Medicine. 

“Covid Treatments and Vaccines: What Do We Need and What Do We Have to Beat the Pandemic”

We have 3 treatments so far:

Remdesivir and Dexamethasone reduce severity and length of illness to those sick enough to require supplemental oxygen.

We don’t have any controlled trial data for convalescent plasma so we don’t actually know if it works. 

Treatments in development:

Monoconal antibodies decrease viral burden. Eli Lilly trial has been stopped due to adverse effect. 

Regenron was given to Trump, but results of trial are preliminary. Improves survivability in ebola patients. 

Protease inhibitors and RNA polymerase inhibitors also in development.

For now, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay physically distant. 


  1. Need to determine if it is safe

  2. Must generate protection against disease (neutralizing antibodies)

  3. Needs to be one dose, and give long lived immunity

  4. Must recognizes mutations

  5. Needs to be produced rapidly, inexpensively, and must be stable.

There are 42 Covid 19 vaccines in human trials. 151 in preclinical trials. Led mostly by China.

We need billions of doses. They need to be cheap, easy, stable, and fast. Ideally one dose. 

If we don’t have 7 billion doses ready, who gets the first doses? 5-10 million people first? Health care workers and first responders. Older adults living in crowded facilities. Those with significant risk.

Even if available, if 50% of Americans decline and the vaccine is 50% effective, that’s only 25% of the population protected, which is NOT enough to stop wearing masks and socially distancing.

Meeting adjourned at 1:31


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