Meeting was held online via Zoom and called to order at 12:30pm by Andrew Stearns.
We had 55 Zoom participants.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Gregg Butterfield.  
Visiting Rotarians Liz & Bill Cilker Jr from Milpitas Rotary, Carey Lai from Sunrise Rotary, Carl Cilker from Rotary of San Jose, Elizabeth Smith from Rotary Club of Los Gatos
Other VisitorsNoelle Henderson
InspirationJudy Rodriguez provided our inspiration. As a continuation of our commemoration of 9/11, Judy shared caring thoughts and honored those who passed in the events of 9/11.

Announcements – 

Club Recognition from 2019-2020.
Ron Cassel presented 50 year pins to the following Rotarians and spoke of their accomplishments and contributions to the Club. We are the only club in the world with a 50 year pin.
  • Bill Cilker 57 years
  • Rene Friedrich 52 years
  • Ed Bowen 52 years
Ed Bowen shared some thoughts on how Rotary has changed over the years and thanked the Club.
Bill Cilker’s children; Bill Jr., Carl, Elizabeth Smith and Noelle Henderson spoke fondly of their dad’s time in Rotary and thanked the Club. 
Certificates of Appreciation were presented to the following members for their contributions to the Club.
  • Tom Dodge
  • Dick Konrad
  • Hal Rosen
  • Rami Wazni
We Care Committee: Let Lydia Norcia know if someone is in need of care.
Dan Snyder announced that Club Members have committed to donating over $500/week toward charities for the Foundation.
The annual Rotary International Convention will take place in Taipei in 2021. Reserve your room now.
The Hearts and Hands Virtual Luncheon will take place on September 18, 2020 from 12:00 – 1:00.
Tuesday, October 13 is bring your family to Rotary day.
Chris Potter announced Rotarians on the Roof. This is a service opportunity to work along with This work will help combat climate change by installing rooftop solar on the buildings of non-profit organizations in Los Gatos and in the West Valley. The first service project will take place on October 24, 2020. Contact Chris if you would like to participate.
Judy Rodriguez provided an update on Project Amigo. Judy shared about some of the contributions from graduates from the organization. 

20 for 20 - 

Tina Orsi-Hartigan donated $100 to the Charities Fund and shared about her son’s recent wedding. The wedding had to change from its original venue due to COVID restrictions and took place in their backyard on September 10th. It was officiated by Tina’s husband Jim.
Ron Cassel and his wife Karen celebrated her recent birthday with a nice dinner. 


Our speaker today was Claire Day, Chief Program Officer of the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California and Northern Nevada. Her presentation covered the latest in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Research as well as risk factors and measures to decrease risk. Click here to view the slides from today's speaker.
Andrew thanked Claire by donating 50 polio inoculations in her name.
Andrew closed the meeting at 1:33pm.
Click here to view the slides from todays meeting.
Click here to read the article “Remembering Rene” by Ed Stahl