The meeting was led by VP Gae La Torre, since President Andrew had a work engagement. The Pledge was led by Tom Dodge. Inspiration led by Judy Rodriguez reflected on the words of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed this week. One quote sited was “Fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way so that others join you”. She served with humility and genius, and our country was lucky to have her. RIP RBG    Well done, Judy.
There were no guests. Lydia Norcia asked if there are any We Care outreach needs to let her know. Gae thanked the We Care Committee for the porch surprises last week. There were also chat room thanks from Liz Smith (it encouraged her to attend today), Mike Norcia, Suzanne, and many email thanks throughout the week.
Tom Boyce and Andrew Howard spoke about our club’s commitment to Shelter Box. For the past 13 years Lloyd Grant has been the champion, and we have given a total of roughly $35,000. They Rotary charity supplies kits that include a durable tent and food prep tools and sleeping needs to disaster zones globally, and each kit is about $1000.
The Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce is forming an event called “Around the Town Happenings” involving service clubs. See Andrew Stearns if interested.
Contribute time to the newest area of focus for Rotary International: Supporting the Environment. Our club’s Volunteer Committee is seeking volunteers for “Rotarians on the Roof” where we will be trained to install solar panels on non-profits in the San Jose area. Note it is not a requirement to be on the roof. Training is Oct 24. See Chris Potter 
Tina thanked her trusty crew again this week for feeding the homeless at the St Luke’s Tuesday brunch.
Don’t forget that the RI Convention in Taipei June 6-12, 2021 is taking bookings. Rooms won’t be held past mid-October, so book now if going. See the RI website for details. Gae suggested announcing to the club if you are going so you can coordinate some plans with others in the club. Orrin Mahoney from Cupertino Rotary said his club is coordinating travel excursions before the convention, so contact his club if interested.
First Thursday social hour will be next week, Oct 1st, at Flights. More details to come.
The Inaugural Rotary Book Club is getting started. The book is - Wrestling The World, The Life and Times of Rodeo Champion Jack Roddy by Katie Cooney, discussion is September 30, 2020, 6:00-7:00 p.m. (
Note that the final club recognition awards (which are normally all given out at the Roast and Toast Event in June, but Covid had other plans) will be given out at the upcoming 2 meetings: Sept. 29, and Oct 13 (where Rotarian of the Year will be announced). This will be a “Bring your family to Rotary” zoom meeting, in order to maintain the surprise.
Amy announced to be on the lookout on social media for member profiles that highlight their Rotary work. This week Tom Boyce is featured. Please share to help promote the club. She was thanked in the chat by Gae and Michelle Myers-Nelson for her ongoing efforts as Marketing Guru.

20 for 20 announcements:

  • John Pencer had pictures of his productive Alaskan fishing trip, with several large-ish fish we can only assume he caught haha. Travelers all had to be cleared of Covid 72 hours prior to travel, and in case he contracted it in Alaska, he brought his own human plasma bag of antibodies, ie his buddy John Colwell. Pencer gave $50 to The Rotary Foundation, and Colwell gave $50 to the Scholarship Fund.
  • Hal Rosen gave $20 to honor the fishermen
  • Tina announced Andrew Stearns pledged $20 to the Charities Foundation as a thank you to the We Care Elves for the porch surprises last week.
  • Marty gave $52 to the Scholarship Fund in honor of John Colwell being presented his 50 year pin from Ron Cassel’s Recognition Committee last week (while fishing). Congrats on your 52 years of service John!
  • Sarita gave $20 to the scholarship fund as a thanks for a fresh fish delivery from one of the John’s.

Our Speaker:

Tina introduced our speaker Orrin Mahoney of Cupertino Rotary. Orrin is retired from HP management, was on City Council and was mayor of Cupertino, and was our DG 2017-18. He is currently our district Rotary Foundation Chair.
  • Orrin is proud of the new 7th area of focus for RI: Supporting the Environment
  • he showed a video of our district’s international projects, which were funded by over $1 million in the 2019-20 year
  • he explained the 3 areas of the Rotary Foundation: Annual Fund Projects (where half of the money comes back for the club to spend), Polio Plus Spring campaign (includes Gates matching funds), and the Endowment Program (where donors can earn the triple crown by granting money in their wills)
  • he acknowledged that LG Rotary gives  a high dollar amount, but that we could improve in the “Every Rotarian Every Year” campaign where it’s the goal for each Rotarian in LG Rotary to give at least $25 to the Foundation…we can do it this year!
  • there will be district raffles this year where the prize is DDF funds of $5000 and $2500 for total dollars/EREY categories.
  • Charity Navigator has rated the Rotary Foundation a 4 star charity for 12 years in a row
  • Orrin closed with another inspiring video of international Rotary projects
Next week’s speaker will be David Mineta who will speak on mental health during Covid times, and other behavioral health issues in our community.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:30, with about 48 attendees.