“Together, we see a world where people unite & take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities, & in ourselves.”
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Reserve your seats: Sun Dec 5th at 10am
Photo of Past Club President's
Launch the holiday season with Los Gatos Rotarians and their significant others for this festive event.  We celebrate our club, all the members but especially our current and past Presidents.  
*It is not just for past presidents - all rotarians are encouraged to attend and dress for the occasion. 
Date:   Sunday December 5th 
Time:  10:00am - 12:30pm
Location:  Cinnabar Hills Golf Club; 23600 McKean Road, San Jose - 95141
Cost: $55/per person
Sign-up at club meetings or Email: Henry Vitkovich
Club News

President Nicholas Welzenbach began the meeting at 12:30

Gregg Butterfield led the pledge of allegiance

Erika Buck gave us some inspiration.

We had two visitors. Mike Norcia introduced his guest Jean Marc Blanchard from a non-profit think tank in Los Gatos. And Tom Rossmeissl is visiting, in process to become a full member.

Nicholas’ music selection today is Long Train Running by the Doobie Brothers recommended by Lisa Cheskin. She and her oldest and best friend grew up on this song and they went to the Doobie Brothers last week. This song brought the house down. “Without love, where would you be now”

Doug Brent says we will soon get a ballot for us to nominate one member for the board nominating committee. Please vote. 

Member spotlight: Don Kuehn. He was recently Rotarian of the Year as well as a recipient of Rotary Foundation’s Major Donor Award. 


Rotarian October birthdays:

Steve Rice, Mike Norcia, Ed Stahl, Barbara Fishman, Dick Konrad, Myron Smith, Gregg Butterfiled, Tina Orisini-Hartigan, Jack Chevlen, Julian Rodriguez, Doug Brent. Happy Birthday!

Presidents Brunch. It’s back! Henry Viktovich wore a Santa hat to get us excited about the Presidents Brunch at Cinnabar Golf Club on December 5th from 10-12:30, dressy attire. Please sign up at the back table at the meetings or online starting around Nov 1. Bring a guest and the price is the same as last time- $55.

There will be a New Member Schmooze right after the meeting today. Red badge members must attend one of these as a requirement. Any new member (less than 2 years)  is welcome. Got questions about how things work? This is a good time to ask.

Rebuilding Together is this Saturday! See you there!

Virtual WineFest!

Suzanne Boxer Gassman reminded us this is our big fundraiser for the year and we depend on everyone to lend a hand in some way. 

3 ways to support: 

  • Buy tickets and show up
  • Help us recruit sponsors or follow up with sponsors who have helped us in the past
  • Donate something for the auction

It will be a great event- with a sommelier, wine kit, snacks, entertainment, auction, etc.

Meeting was called to order by President Nicholas Welzenbach.
Erin Hartnett led us in the pledge.
Inspiration was from Erika Buck. She read from the book “100 Ways to Calm Yourself”. The essay was titled Be Grateful for Yourself. The essay reminded us to thank yourself for being you. 
Today’s song was Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen. The song was suggested by Gregg Butterfield. Gregg didn’t explain why he chose it, but Nicholas mentioned that it is a great song. No explanation necessary.
Spotlight member this week is Kirsten Bridges.


We had several members joining us by Zoom. Thanks to Doug Brent for providing this opportunity for us. Doug is looking for someone to help him with the Zoom process. If you know anyone who would like to give back in this way, please let Doug know. Maybe a high school or college student?
Hal Rosen introduced his wife, Lydia. They are back after three months in the Sierras. He mentioned they had fires 25 miles away to the right and left and lots of smoke but they had a great time. 
Tina introduced her son Collin, who hadn’t arrived yet but was very excited to hear our speaker, Toby Rosen. 


  • Tom O’Donnell is in the hospital. He is not receiving visitors at this time but phone calls, messages are welcome. Thanks to Lydia Norcia for letting us know.
  • Maddie Smith spoke with Sarita Johnson. Sarita got back from the hospital yesterday. Maddie said she sounds good. Tina has been helping her with Zoom so she can join us at the meetings soon. She will be starting occupational therapy in a couple of weeks. Please send emails, messages, etc. she’d love to hear from you. 
  • Unclaimed lunches are available for $10. The money will go directly to our club.
  • The movie night “No Time to Die” was a big success. Special thanks to Mike Norcia, Tina Orsi-Hartigan, Rami Wazni, Rachelle Lopp, and Amy Potts. Between ticket sales, donations and matching funds from an anonymous donor we raised $6,600! This money will go to Stanford’s Teen Mobile Van and Bill Wilson Center’s Peacock Commons, supported housing for young adults. Two wonderful causes, thanks everyone for your support.
  • Rebuilding Together is Oct. 23. Signups are closed.
Meeting began at 12:30 called to order by Nicholas
Pledge: Marlon Smith
Inspiration: Jamie Hekkelman: Jamie shared her mantra with us: Come up with a word to repeat, them come up with a phrase to live by and finally come up with an affirmation for yourself.
Tuesday Music Track: Provided by Mike Norcia. Gateway Drug by Brevet Brothers. Classic Rock.
Visiting Guests: Amy Potts introduced Stephen Guruwaiya from Los Gatos Living Magazine.  They have done several articles on Rotary members.
In Memorium: We learned the sad news that Len Smith passed away. He was in the club for 37 years and a treasured and valuable member.  Ed Stahl spoke about having met Len in 1958 when he was an insurance agent on the shell stations.  Details about services for Len will be coming soon.

Club Announcements:

Avenues of Services: Thursday on Zoom and Saturday, Oct 2 at the Alameda Fairgrounds. This is a great way to learn about what other clubs are doing.
Rebuilding Project: October 23 from 8am until completion. We will be painting a mobile home in Campbell.
Fall Fundraiser, Movie Night: Oct. 8. No Time To Die, James Bond Movie. Proceeds go to Stanford Children’s Hospital Mobile Medical Clinic and The Bill Wilson Center. Click here for tickets

Rotarian Anniversaries:

Kirsten Bridges, Nava Fathi, Michelle Myers-Nelson, Jack Chevlen, Ron Smith, Paul Christensen, Richard Irion and Marlon Smith.

Member Spotlight:

Carol Abela. Enjoys being with his Rotary family, sharing in the comradery whilst being of service to others.
Meeting was called to order by Lisa Norcia Cheskin. Nicholas will return next week.
Pledge was led by Ramon Ward.
Inspiration was given by Jamie Hekkelman. The story was about a baby camel asking questions of its mother. The moral of the story is skills, knowledge, abilities and experiences are only useful if you are at the right place.
We didn’t hear the song for this week but it was Nicholas’ suggestion of “And It’s Still Alright” by Nathaniel Rateliff. Nicholas discovered this album during the pandemic. He recommends the entire album and suggests you turn it up loud. If you want to hear all the songs from this year go to the spotify play list, click here.
No guests this week.
Member spotlight this week is Tonya McQuade. Tonya is one of a few honorary members we have. This is the thirtieth year Tonya has been the Interact advisor at LGHS. Tonya brings together young people to develop leadership skills while discovering Service Above Self. Thank you, Tonya, for all you do.

New Members:

Our newest red badge, Sue Heller, was introduced by Suzanne Boxer-Gassman. Sue and Suzanne grew up together in Denver. Just by chance they both ended up in LG. Sue was a physical trainer before she retired.  Welcome Sue! We’re looking forward to getting to know you. 
Anjana Bose received her blue badge today from her sponsor Jamie. The two met before Jamie joined Rotary, but their first conversation was about Rotary since Jamie had just returned from Viet Nam. As Jamie put it, it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
Ramon Ware did his red badge bio today. It was done as a video and was very enjoyable to watch. Ramon learned a lot about his family from the book Talladega Days: Race, Rural Life, and Memories of a Forgotten Legend and KKK Survivor. Ramon is from a small town in Alabama where half the people are University of Alabama fans the other half are Auburn fans. Ramon didn’t tell us where he falls on this. He played football in high school and was part of the team that won the state championship during his freshman year. Football taught him about leadership and being part of a team. After high school Ramon attended the Air Force Academy graduating in 1989. He trained as a pilot and was part of special ops. After the Air Force he worked for various corporations including several in the wine industry where he specialized in supply chain. He is married he and his wife Elaine have six children. During the pandemic he decided to make a switch and has become a growth coach. Ramon is looking forward to getting involved in the community. We enjoyed getting to know you, Ramon!
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A Wheelchair Can Change Lives
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Community service
We provide food and volunteer in many food pantries including St. Lukes, House of Hope in Los Gatos, Second Harvest in San Jose, and Rise Against Hunger.  Fighting hunger and providing for low income households is just one way are helping during these difficult times.  
“For Los Gatos Rotarians, Service and Fellowship are two intertwining themes that drive much of what our club does. Our members give what they can even blood. 
 We partner with other Rotary clubs. We collected hundreds of shoes that will be delivered to Africa, South America and the Caribbean. 
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