Contact: Amy Potts
Los Gatos
Downtown Los Gatos (Almendra Av./N. Santa Cruz)
United States of America

Our Club will have an Offical Car and carrying a banner that says Los Gatos Rotary. Last year we had several members & their families walk behind the car show casing our 2 largest fundraisers (Great Race & CrabFest) and that we are People of Action.  Our car will be in place by 9am and the parade starts at 11am.  Wear red or Christmas colors and we can provide you with banners to hold or wear. 

//Join us and walk in the parade: arrive no later than 10am//

VIEW our photos from 2017

If you can walk, you will need to arrive 10am in the spot assigned to our club once that is provided. 

More about the Parade: 
The 63rd Annual Los Gatos Children’s Christmas/Holidays Parade is sponsored by the Los Gatos Lions Club & LGS Recreation, in cooperation with the Town of Los Gatos and Los Gatos High School 

Parade Route:  (see attached map)
Starts at N.Santa Cruz/Almendra Av. - wraps to W Main Street - ends at Church Street. (nice stroll, not too long)