Contact: Dick Konrad
Los Gatos
United States of America

Los Gatos town gives to our neighbors in need - We have this Los Gatos!  

All 5 of Los Gatos service clubs (our club, morning Rotary, Lions, Kiwanis, History Club) with the coordination of Los Gatos are helping our neighbors in need.  Each receipent will receive a Holiday Box see contents below.

Your help is appreciated:

1. Donate any amount: $20 covers the expese for 1 person. $100 covers one family. To donate go to this URL or use the QR code on the flier:    

2. Sign-up help collect items, pack boxes, set-up tents for drive up deliver. (Lots of choices) 
    Contact Dick if you can help. 

See all details from Catherine at the Chamber of Commerce: 

 Let’s fundraise. 
Wednesday, December 2 – we will see how much we have raised – and determine how many boxes we think we can do.  We will then begin sign ups.   Last Day to Sign Up for a meal/box December 11.
Next Steps –
Boxes                   Chamber to secure
Food Items in the Boxes   
(If a Club would like to take on one of these items – do the prep and packing
And bring all December 16th a.m.  – great – Let me know asap)
Protein  - roast beef – Los Gatos Meats ?
Green Beans – chopped – with butter – spices - raw in plastic bag            
Potatoes -  maybe little round – with butter and spices – or mashed?
Or Pasta?
Dinner Roll
Other Treats
 Chocolate: wonder if anyone would donate to our cause
Juice Co.  – for Family Boxes only

Holiday Greenery -   Kiwanis  taking the lead
Gift Cards 

Books:Friends of the Library – CS to contact them 

TIME LINE FOR Assembly of Gift Boxes
Prep all we can before the 16th.  Deliver everything to Assembly site.
Arrive morning of 16th 9 a.m.     3-4 volunteers from each Club.   We will be working outside under tents – but it will be cold.
Assembly Lines making boxes – 2-3 hours.
Set up Pop Up Tents in Parking Lot  -  Each Club will have a tent.  2-3 volunteers at each tent.
Drive Through  Pick Up begins at 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.  – people have scheduled times for their pick up.   We check them off the list
               Put a box in their car – wish them happy holidays, sing, wave and dance – whatever.  And send them on their way.  Some live music would be great – so would some holiday decorations.
Deliveries will begin at 3 p.m. – Drivers and instructions are all set.  We just need to give them the boxes and that crew will take it from there. 
This is a rough draft at best – but we are starting to get some framework around this project.