Rotary Club of Los Gatos does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, or gender.


One of your primary focuses is to support youth. We invest in our next generation by supporting the Los Gatos Student Union, two High School Interact Clubs at Leigh & Los Gatos High. Send students to the Interact conference, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly) and ELC (Enterprise Leadership conference) We award over $30,000 each year to high school graduates through our Los Gatos Rotary Scholarship fund. We proudly support Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, high school speech contest, CASSY - Counseling, Los Gatos High choir and band, The Kyle Taylor Foundation, Child Advocates of Silicon Valley and many more efforts to engage and enable youth to succeed.


The Rotary Club was chartered in January 15, 1924. For 100 years, we have been nurturing ideas, developing projects and delivering service to the community and the wider world. Along the way, we have made lifetime friendships and have fun. 


Our Members live or work in the Silicon Valley, and give back to the community through projects supporting numerous charities including but not limited to St. Luke's Kitchen for the Homeless, Cancer Care Point, Los Gatos Rotary Veterans Foundation, Los Gatos Police Victim Services, Live Oak Adults Services for Seniors and more.  In addition, each year in an effort to build community locally, we host the Los Gatos Rotary Great Race and CrabFest & Auction.


Besides the ongoing effort to end Polio worldwide through Rotary International, we provide funds internationally to cure blindness (Seeing Guatemala), enhance computer literacy in young students (Project RACHEL), fund temporary housing project during international disasters (ShelterBox), provide school supplies, food and uniforms to students in Mexico (Project Amigo) to name just a few.

Our Foundation

The Los Gatos Rotary Charities Foundation gives away over $250,000 a year to local and international charities including but not limited to those described above. The mission of the Los Gatos Rotary Charities Foundation is to provide high impact support focused on youth and those in need-locally and globally-through enduring partnerships.