Shelters for internally displaced people in Ukraine
Sep 20, 2022
Oksana Tjupa, President of the Kyiv Rotary Club
Shelters for internally displaced people in Ukraine

In March 2022, the NGO "Rotary Club Kyiv International" launched a large-scale project, the aim of which is to equip temporary accommodation for internally displaced people in Ukraine. During the project, the Rotary team intends to prepare at least 50 shelters to open in 12 regions of Ukraine.

During the first three months of the project, six shelters were set up in five regions of Ukraine, resulting in 2000 equipped places for living in shelters for IDPs.

Volunteers of the Rotary Club Kyiv International in a short time have ensured effective cooperation with local authorities and heads of shelters, finding the necessary goods, their purchase and delivery, as well as quality control of the performed work.

During the arrangement, each of the shelters has received all the goods, that are necessary for the comfortable living there and meeting needs of internally displaced people. The list of goods, that were provided to shelters includes furniture, household appliances, bedding, water filters etc.

The project plan is to arrange 50+ shelters in 12 regions of Ukraine by the end of the year. The budget of project is $1,450,000 USD for 30,000 IDPs.

We know how important it is for people who have lost their homes and are fleeing war, to have a comfortable and safe temporary shelter, so we are working hard on creating a system of that kind of shelters in Ukraine! We invite you to join us and would appreciate your support!

Oksana Tjupa is Charter President of Rotary Club Kyiv International. Before the war in Ukraine Oksana was a New Business Director, Fundraiser, Enterpreneur and Social Leader.

Oksana comes from the Rotary Club Kyiv where John Hewko - Director of RI - is a charter member. She is married with no children yet. Oksana's parents live near Kyiv, and thankfully, they are alive and well.

Oksana is a philologist of the English language, Ukrainian language and literature. She graduated from the Linguistic University in Kyiv. She started her career at the Electrolux Representative Office (household appliances) in marketing, and continued working in top advertising agencies Saachi&Saatchi, Ogilvy, TMA. At the age of 31 she took up entrepreneurship: she became a co-founder of the Sniper recruiting agency, the Advertising School, and the export office. She is now 44.

These days Oksana is only spending her time volunteering together with the Rotary community to bring Ukraine closer to victory in the war with Russia.