Building and adapting special needs homes
Aug 16, 2022
Regina Riley, Bay Area Housing Corp.
Building and adapting special needs homes

Building and adapting homes for the specific needs of people in the Bay Area living with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.

A home's level of accessibility affects each person’s ability to live healthy, meaningful lives. As disability-forward housing advocates, it is important to understand how housing is designed and how it is made accessible. When we design and create disability-forward housing solutions we open doors to more homes and opportunities for everyone.

Regina Reilly has been working to advance education, inclusion and diversity of thoughts, programs and experiences since graduating Santa Clara University, as a student-athlete, with a degree in Political Science. She's travelled 48 of the U.S. states and 17 countries with a backpack. She has helped local schools launch leadership and mentoring programs, designed and executed unique events — one that was replicated in 4 states and brought 14,000 students to the San Jose Arena for a political convention, called KidsVention. She’s coached girls middle & high school volleyball and basketball teams at her alma maters and in Los Gatos. Today, she is growing a bocce event she managed to launch during the pandemic. Aside from the plan to have fun, the purpose is to bridge the gap in awareness, acceptation and inclusion around housing. She is the proud and grateful mother of a sophomore, student-athlete at Los Gatos HS, a hiker, fan of podcasts, a coach and player, who is looking for a pickle ball game to join