Inspiration – Gary Ellison
Random Acts of Kindness theme – Happiness
Can be anything: help a friend, thank you note, make a phone call
Gave an example of skiing in Aspen – took the shuttle bus that was packed but two young ladies gave up their seats so they could sit – happy for the seat but not sure about implication.
Encouraged everyone to try something – each of us can.
Visiting Rotarians & Guests
Peggy Heiman – with Jeffrey Blum
She is a long time LG resident, teacher, writer – enjoys quilting, walking & reading
Music: Chariots of Fire
Great Race was acknowledged – played a news clip
Acknowledged Randy Cobbs Birthday
Family & Corp membership – Lisa is taking this on to make sure there are benefits for families
Terri accepted the blue badge for Nancy Consentino
Paul Yeadon received his blue badge
Paul Yeadon is leading the Polio fundraising & showed a video
May is the month for fundraising & will promote the campaign
Family BBQ is set for May 20th at 5pm – hamburgers, hot dogs will be served and BYOB
Lucille Packers Children Hospital needs books for ages 0-12.  Please contribute what you have

20 for 20

Doug Brent & Terri Trotter were at Leigh High for scholarship awards.  3 Interact students received scholarships – gave $100 for the scholarship fund
Jean-Marc Blanchard – was in Ann Arbor for his daughter’s graduation – great experience at Michigan Stadium with Dr. Fauci speaking.  He gave $20 for the YR, $20 for the graduation & $20 for the delay – total $60 for scholarship fund
Andrew Howard – gave $20 for having women's Great Race T-Shirts available – his daughter was thrilled.  His 9yr old took 2nd in his category then ran the 4 mile - $20
John Colwell gave $100 to scholarship fund to match Jean- Marc since he is a big Univ Michigan supporter
Terri Trotter – she joined the Scholarship Committee and loves it – gave $100 for scholar fund
Dan Snyder – visiting schools with his daughter at Mount Holyoke in Massachusetts - $100 for each hand raised that knows it – 5 hands so $500
Nicholas rang the bell 7 times for 7 $100 donations
Sue Heller – announcement that the Fun Times Singers will perform June 5 at Westmount High – rock concert – tickets $15 or $20 at door

Guest Speakers

  • They had a calling to take care of ones at end of life & are a non-profit
  • Focus – people who have newly diagnosed serious illness.  There is a void for ones not yet ready for hospice card.  Usually only go to hospice for last days.
  • Stepping Stones goal – assure people quality of life and make sure this doesn’t happen
  • Quality of life advocates
Topic: living your best life until the end with your family.
A tool kit was provided to the group.

Next week’s speaker is Kurt Krutenberg from Humane Society of Santa Clara County.