Andrew called the meeting to order and we pledged allegiance to the flag of the USA. Many members had their favorite sports team as their background, and appropriate trash talking ensued, highlighted by President Andrew’s beloved UCLA Bruins, or was it Cal Bears?

Erika gave the inspiration from the Daily Stoic. If a dog is barking at the door, the worst thing to do is yell- it’s like you’re barking along with them. Instead you distract or break the pattern. It’s the same with people. Break the pattern of negativity or anger with something different. Good habits drive out bad habits.

Do you have anything that the We Care committee can help with? Let Lydia Norcia know.

Wes updated us on the Suyo Elementary Water Project in the Philippines, where we  partnered with the Laoag Sunshine Rotary Club local to that area to bring clean water to a school. The project was completed this past September with a ribbon cutting ceremony. When the kids come back to school they will have access to clean water. Thanks Wes!

Doug gave instructions on how to nominate/vote for our club board nominating committee. We will pick the top 10 people. Look for the email!

Fall Fundraiser! THIS FRIDAY!  The Calgary Church parking lot opens at 6:15. The movie Mama Mia starts at 7pm. $50 per person. $15 for a snack bag for popcorn, drink, and cookies. Bring your own chairs and blankets. Giant screen! Fun snacks! A REAL social event! You can access sound either through car radio and speakers in the safety and warmth of your car, or from big speakers on site if you’re in lawn chairs. Super fun night out! Email Tina Orsi-Hartigan for tickets.

Proceeds go toward a Fire Relief Fund run by Calvary Church. Great cause! Can’t go? Please donate! (contact Tina with amount)


Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce is asking service clubs to participate in ‘Around the Town Happenings.’ Get in touch with Dick Konrad if interested. 
First Thursday - Wine tasting at Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Co 11/5 at 5:30. $25 for 5 pours and cheese and meat platter. See you there!
Rotarians on the Roof is this Saturday 10/24 Go to  to sign up.
Second Harvest Food Bank is 10/28. We are full up with volunteers and looking forward to it.
Oak Meadow Park Cleanup - 11/7 at 9am. All tools provided. See you there!

20 for 20

  • Kudos to those at Mike Norcia’s Almaden Expressway Project this past weekend: Jen, Lisa, Barry, Russel, and Andrew Howard!
  • Thank you from Sarita to Tina for being a great Rotary helper and friend by delivering her ballot to a drop box.
  • Shout out from Haryl to Doug Brent for always being pleasant and patient and an all around good guy. This was seconded by Avis and Hal.
  • Great fun at downtown Campbell’s successful first post-Covid event- from Nicholas Welzenbach.
  • John Colwell won the award for being the furthest away and still attending, as the poor guy was vacationing in Hawaii. $50 to scholarship fund.
  • New member Tom Anthony gave $50 because he also had to suffer through a vacation and miss Mike’s beautification project. What a sacrifice!
  • Grady offered a donation if someone knew how Sooners got their name, which John Pencer did. 
  • David Wells introduced Pamela Nathenson of World Connect.
  • Our club gave $2500 to World Connect this year. They invest in local leaders in small projects around the world. 

Pamela’s Talk: (click here to view the slides for this speaker)

WorldConnect fights poverty by giving funding to small projects and enterprises in 40 countries. 
The key is to trust local leaders to design and lead their own solutions, but offer support for sustained success. 
They give confidence to women - 70% of projects are led by women.

Great success: 95% of projects are achieving their goals. 85% are sustaining at 2+years. 80% catalyze additional development.

Success comes from:
  • The ideas originate locally
  • Require a cash match for funding
  • Require time limited goals
  • Donors are actively engaged
  • Funding is given quickly
The world has a top down approach to tackling poverty. $150B invested in global development  but only <1% reaches local level for local decision makers. World Connect is different.
Trust goes a long way in building hope, agency, and momentum, and reduces corruption.
They use PeaceCorp volunteers and other sourcing NGOs to connect with those in need of grants. 

Project stories: 

Bananas in Zambia. $750 grant to a marginalized community of HIV+ farmers. Wanted to buy new and improved bananas to grow. They are now 72 from 15 farmers growing these bananas that provide 4x the harvest and substantially increase their income.

Trash Collection in Senegal.  Frustrated by piling up trash, a community member pitched to get a $2500 grant to get a trash collection service started. Within 2 months 300 households were enrolled and paying for services. 3 years later they had 562 paying households, 12 employees, and had lifted the burden of hauling trash from women and girls in the family.

Wells in Malawi. $2,977 grant to drill four wells with pumps. Before, they were using dirty water to bathe and wash clothes.

Bakery equipment in Rwanda. Awarded a $5000 grant to launch a women-led bakery. The women doubled their income from $1/day to $2/day so that they could afford healthcare and children’s school fees. An additional grant grew and expanded the bakery and now earnings have increased to $5/day.

Dairy farm in Ecuador. A $2520 grant for new equipment allowed for dollies to help women transport milk from the dairy. The business got more efficient and increased incomes for the women, but also reduced their back pain from hauling 45-60 lb milk jugs 2 miles on their backs.

Thank you Pamela and World Connect!
Meeting adjourned at 1:31pm.