President Andrew welcomed all to the Halloween edition meeting, complete with spooky slides, and everyone was absolutely happy. Heidi led the pledge. Erika’s inspiration dealt with encouraging all to not have self-pity, and take action and be empowered to help yourself.
Meghan introduced her guest Leanne Johnson, whom she has known since their grown kids met in kindergarten.
Doug explained the Nominating Committee process has moved to the next step, and after the meeting all will get an email request to vote for up to 5 of the top 10 vote-getters from last week’s voting. 
Suzanne shared her fun video that documented our Fall Drive-in movie Mamma Mia. It was a socially distanced good time, and President Andrew thanked organizers Tina and Mike. Tina announced that along with some DDF Funds, a total of $4700 was raised to help the Fire Victims Fund.
First Thursday Happy Hour is next week at Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company 5:30-7:30, with 20 indoor and 10 outdoor seats. Tasting of 5 wines plus cheese etc is $25 ea, and a full menu is available if you want to stay for dinner. Thanks for arranging Gae and Maddie.
Second Harvest group volunteer shift is Wednesday 10/28. Patti sent an email reminder to those that signed up.
Jeff reminded all there is an Oak Meadow Park cleanup Saturday Nov 7. Meet 9am at the carousel and bring your mask.
Tina thanked this week’s St. Luke’s homeless brunch food donators, including Randy and Kathie with colored eggs, Tom, Art, and Carol.
President Andrew says more virtual background and avatar contests are coming. (Note to those who have had difficulty with virtual backgrounds: If your computer does not have enough processing power, the virtual background feature won’t work, but the avatar feature will. Go to zoom settings and change your profile picture, and that will be the picture that shows up whenever your live video of yourself is off.)
World Polio Day was last week and was highlighted on our club’s social media.
November is Rotary Foundation month, and we will be hearing on that from the famed Dan and Avis duo soon.
Suzanne explained the CrabFest committee has been busy weighing alternatives for our January fundraiser. The final decision is we will have a Wine Fest instead…don’t be crabby, come wine with us! There will be an online silent auction, winetasting kits and nibbles will be sold, and there will be a virtual zoom discussion with winemakers, as well as Raise the Paddle. The wine kits and gourmet nibbles will be $75/person, sold as a kit for 2 at $150. Patti will be sending a club email soon with details of how to become a sponsor or donate an item for the auction.

20 for 20:

  • Andrew asked what the second motto for Rotary was, besides “Service Above Self”. No one knew, but turns out it’s “One profits most, who serves best”
  • Doug was happy to announce his daughter is moving from Brussels to DC soon, and he’s thrilled she will be closer.
  • Kirsten recently stayed at an Aspen hotel, and attended the local Rotary meeting that was held in the hotel. Long way to go for a meeting! She gave $31 since she just had her 31st Anniversary.
  • Paul Christenson gave $100. He concluded his 6 week tour of the US and National Parks, and noticed zoom towns filled with remote workers from cities. He also was celebrating his 40th anniversary, and had a Santa beard!
  • Meghan had  a recent National Park trip too, celebrating her empty nest status.
  • Patti called out that today is Tina the Hammer’s Birthday, and Tina also added $20 for that.

Today’s speaker is Mike Wasserman, Santa Clara County Supervisor.

He is serving his 10th year, and will term out in 2 more years. He noted there are 5 districts, each serving 400,000 people.
  • The ag report is that our county produces $305 million of produce/year.
  • Since the budget must be balanced and there’s currently a deficit of $350 million due to Covid economic slow downs, cuts will be necessary in services such as sheriff, DA, and more. Roughly 1000 county employees will need to retire soon. Stimulus funds from the federal government are greatly needed, and once safe to do so, people need to work, travel and shop to bring in funds.
  • The census was just completed, and it was critical to county funds that all got counted. Nationally 67% completed the census, while our county had 77%.
  • Our county has 1 million registered voters, and 50% have already voted. Vote by mail is safe. If you received 2 ballots it means you had  a change in your info. Only 1 will be counted, and registrar of voters will contact you if signature doesn’t match.
  • Covid tier system in California has us at orange level now. Our county positivity rate is 1%. Dr Cody is being more cautious in our county than what the state allows.
  • The new county animal shelter in San Martin is scheduled for a June opening and the design has won awards. You can donate to the shelter on the county website if interested.
  • Many Rotarians thanked Mike for his important work for our community.
The meeting was adjourned.