Speaker Date Topic
Tom Quinn, Chairman and CEO of E-Fuel May 29, 2018
Clean Energy From Ethanol
Clean Energy From Ethanol

Tom Quinn has had a long career as an entrepreneur. He recently launched an alternative energy company E-Fuel Corporation.The company makes generators powered by different types of ethanol. This is a bio-fuel that the company says burns cleaner than diesel and allows users to make their own fuel.

E-Fuel has established a foothold in the agricultural sector, selling to farmers and growers wanting an alternative generator that can use ethanol fuel cheaply manufactured using farm waste.

In January 2018, the company introduced a new generator aimed at home use. Tom says this product allows homeowners to go completely off-grid.

Tom's presentation will describe the E-Fuel story and cover the benefits of using ethanol for power generation.

Grady Jeter of the Scholarship Committee --MC Jun 05, 2018
Awarding of the 2018 Scholarships
Awarding of the 2018 Scholarships
The meeting will involve awarding scholarships to 20 high school seniors. Each recipient will tell us a little about themselves and their hopes for the future.
The Rotary Club of Los Gatos has a Scholarship Fund which currently has a corpus in excess of $1 million. Fund income is used to provide typically 20 scholarships a year to high school seniors from the Los Gatos and Leigh schools.  Each year the Club awards scholarships totaling approximately $34,000.   The Fund was established in 1947 and every year one third of the net proceeds from the Great Race goes directly into this fund.
Scholarship recipients are selected by the club's Scholarship Committee. The applicants are evaluated using the following factors:
          - Recommendations from school counselors
          - All applicants are interviewed
          - GPA
          - Participation in school activities - especially if they are a member of the Interact club 
          - Financial need
Jabali Smith Jun 12, 2018
A Human Trafficking Survivor Finds Life
A Human Trafficking Survivor Finds Life

Jabali Smith is the Executive Director of The Well Child Foundation. Jabali says the vision of this organization is to heal and empower the lives of children and to inspire a new generation of young people to discover  their inner strength and to create the ability and desire to live healthy, happy and successful lives.

I believe it is my duty, and our duty as a society and for humanity as a whole, to break the chain of suffering, silence and shame. And not just child abuse, molestation and human trafficking specifically but all forms of abuse. I hope that by sharing my story I will be able to help other people who have suffered in silence, and give him and her a voice. A voice of confidence, a voice of joy, a voice of self-expression.