Speaker Date Topic
Toys for Tots Nov 29, 2022
NO Lunch Meeting Dec 06, 2022
Service Project Dec 13, 2022
Savita Vaidhyanathan, Rotary District Governor Dec 13, 2022
In-Meeting Service Project Dec 20, 2022
DARK for the Holidays Dec 27, 2022
Evening Social, location TBD Jan 03, 2023
Campbell Scott, The Climate Reality Project Jan 17, 2023
Climate change: cause, impacts and solutions
Climate change: cause, impacts and solutions

Campbell Scott is a retired scientist who now volunteers for The Climate Reality Project, Silicon Valley where he is director of the speakers’ bureau .  With a bachelor’s degree from St. Andrews University in Scotland and PhD in physics from the University of Pennsylvania he pursued a career in education and research.  In retirement, he uses his background in physics, chemistry and education to inform the public about the causes, consequences and solutions of climate change.

It is increasingly evident that global climates are changing.  This talk will summarize the cause of climate change and the impacts that it is having, with a focus on the Bay Area.  Since the cause is well understood, the solutions are clear.  Each of us can play a role in contributing to, and benefitting from, these solutions.