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Club News
Michelle Myers Nelson led the meeting, filling in for Mike Norcia who is home with Covid. 
Paul Johnson led the pledge of allegiance. David Hubbard gave the inspiration by celebrating the rain we enjoyed over the weekend. He spoke of his son’s joy experiencing the rain, the most we’ve had since January, and he shared a poem.
We have sad news. Tom Dodge’s son passed away. Our hearts go out to him and we held a moment of silence.
Judy Rodriguez introduced her visitor/daughter, Stacy Koelbel.
John Cowan stood up and gave his red badge bio. He grew up in Culver City CA and the Portland OR area, went to college at Bowdoin in Maine and then got his MBA at UCLA and a second masters at Berkeley. He works at El Camino Hospital as a director of community and government relations. He has a passion for non-profit healthcare. Three years ago, just before Covid, he married Shelly, an MD specializing in helping people with long-term workers comp injuries. He is passionate about CORO, a foundation designed to expose people across different sectors of the economy. To him, it signals community and how we can all intersect to solve problems. John also loves to travel and he does improv! He joined Rotary because he read a book, Bowling Alone by Robert Putman. He is happy to find a place where wonderful, committed people gather.
There is no meeting at Shir Hadash next week due to Yom Kippur. Instead, we will meet at MetroEd. Please RSVP when you see the email and order your sack lunch. MetroED is both an adult ed program and a high school technical and career training program that serves 6 high school districts across South Bay. There, we will have our regular meeting, enjoy lunch, and then get a tour of the facility.
Meeting was called to order by President Mike Norcia at 12:30
Inspiration was from John Pencer who gave us the literal recipe for making lemonade out of lemons, he also gave us a figurative recipe. He had car troubles in Tahoe last week. Long story short, he had to have the car towed back to Campbell but during his ride with the driver, he learned a lot about towing cars, stayed a night in his own home and made it back to Tahoe by 9:15 the next morning. It all worked out and the family enjoyed the rest of their week together.
Henry Vitkovich introduced his wife, Mary Jane.
Tina Orsi-Hartigan introduced Leigh-Ann Marcellin.
Sue Heller introduced Jan Sirkin here for a second visit.
New member:
Barry Cheskin introduced our newest member, Adam Mayer. Adam is an architect and Los Gatos native who has recently relocated back to the area after being in SF for 10 years. He has opened his own practice in San Jose. Welcome Adam.
Rotarians on the Town:
  • There were at least 40 guests at the First Tuesday held at the Norcia’s last week. Mike was unsure what the turnout would be due to the heat. Judy Rodriguez and Jan Norcia served up some delicious margaritas which seemed to help cool everyone off. Mike N. thanked Mike and Elizabeth Frangadakis for celebrating their 41st anniversary with the group.
  • September 27 we will not be meeting at Shir Hadash instead we will be meeting at the Metro Ed building. Mike asked for a show of hands to get a preliminary number, invitations will be going out later. This will be a regular meeting with lunch being provided. We will then tour the facility.
Volunteer Service:
  • September 30 we will be volunteering with Second Harvest Food Bank at St. Lucy’s Church on Camden Ave beginning at 8:30 in the morning. You can sign up online. Rachelle Lopp told us there are 3 spots left. Questions? Ask Rachelle
  • October 22 Rebuilding Together Sign up online by September 25. Ask Kirsten Bridges if you have any questions.
Meeting was called to order by President Mike Norcia at 12:30.
The meeting started with piano and singing of the Star Bangled Banner. On piano was Stella Giannetti, daughter of new members Ane and Fabio. She is an 8th grader at Union Middle School. Singing for us was by Franceille de Barros who is currently taking a masters course at SF Conservatory of Music. 
Inspiration was provided by Andrew Howard - he spoke about the cleanup of the Los Gatos Creek. They had a great turnout and even had a wheelbarrow removed.  His quote was from Laura Wilder of Little House on the Prairie - if you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.


  • Mike Norcia introduced his son Nick - he is going to be attending his last year at Cal Poly
  • Andrew Howard introduced Ryan and noted he came by skateboard and has a ceramic coating business in LG
  • Michelle introduced her neighbor Niki Niklowitz
  • New member red badge presented to Matthew Hudes by Dick Conrad.  Matthew is a town council member and encouraged anyone to reach out to him if they have issues regarding LG.
  • Tina and Andrew were congratulated for a great job on the BBQ


  • The West Valley Community Services sends a big thank you - they were able to provide 400 kids with supplies and it was one of their biggest projects yet.
  • Sept 27th - off site meeting at the Metro ED from 12-1:30
  • 9/11 Ceremony -Veterans Memorial in LG from 4:30-7pm
  • Sept 10th - Environmental Summit sponsored by Rotary Action – SC County Board of Supervisors chambers 70 W. Hedding St. San Jose from 8-1pm. Register at https://events.humanitix.com/2022environmentsummit.
  • Sept 10th - Health Council Event - Stop the Stigma at LGHS from 10-4pm
  • First Tuesday at Mike Norcia's house - Sept 6th with guest bartenders and a specialty cocktail from 5:30-7:30
  • Oct 22nd - Rebuilding Silicon Valley
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Donating bikes to Good Karma.
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