“Together, we see a world where people unite & take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities, & in ourselves.”
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Club News
Photo of Leigh High school Interact club boxing up food at Second Harvest.  Doug Brent is one of the Interact advisors. "We are so impressed with how our students continue to find ways to better our community. - Amy P."
Inspiration – Gary Allison
Topic: Lemonade stands & things to be positive about. The club is thriving thanks to our president & technology and better days are coming.
Greeter: Jamie Hekkelman
No guests and no visitors
Lisa Cheskin welcomed back Margaret Smith
We care report – Lydia
Mike Frangadakis – having back surgery
Maddie Smith – condolences loss of her sister
Member spotlight Karen Anderson
Birthday celebrations – Marlon Smith.  He recognized Andrew Stearns’ birthday and noted there are birthdays on reoccurring dates.  They played a mariachi Happy Birthday video.
Membership minute – Lisa Cheskin
New Member Schmooze – scheduled for May 13th @ 5pm…see Lisa for invite

Volunteer Opportunities

House of Hope signup to deliver groceries – email was sent to club.  Delivering food for low -income families – takes 10 mins to pickup and then 3 or 4 stops. Click here to sign up!
Second Harvest Recap – Leigh High Interact – 5 freshmen doing a great job organizing

Club Announcements

District Training
1st Thursday – May 6th Darling Fischer in Campbell 5:30-7:30
Santa Maria Donates – Barbara Fishman – next drop May 14th
Roast & Toast – June 29th  
Background Challenges next week – Birthday Cakes
The meeting was convened by Andrew Stearns at 12.30 pm by welcoming everyone.
There were 53 participants at the meeting.
Everyone was Happy and excited to be there.
INSPIRATION was done by Jamie by reading a poem written by her called SUPERHERO
This was dedicated to the fellow Rotarians:
Flying and soring into action 
Lighting fast 
This is the pace that we believe wins the RACE
But that isn’t the case.
It’s the cross-country road race
of BENIFIICALS we choose
We Chase
Its making it fair for all those 
I Can look to this SCREEN
And it defines just what I MEAN
A plan of action, a rhythm And a Pace
It took time to be 
Eradicate a Disease 
From the Human RACE
It’s the YOU, it’s the ME 
It’s Mike Moses that we heard from last WEEK
Take it from the tortoise, and he’s not weak
IT’s the TRUTH
It’s not about the race 
It what you do with that pace. 
Guest Speaker: Mike Moses of San Jose Fire Fighters Burn Foundation
Everyone was Absolutely Happy and President Stearns wished us all a Happy 4-20 day. 59 members were in attendance.
Pledge was led by Terri.
Inspiration was led by Jamie, recently returned from camping on Feather River, and included a poem about enjoying the smaller simpler pleasures of daily life.
Erika Buck was our welcoming greeter. Guests included Hal Rosen’s wife Lydia. Lisa’s guests were neighbors Kate and Bob Chimenti (who also happened to know Haryl and Judy). Marty’s guest was Morgane Dussault, Director of Philanthropy at Salvation Army Silicon Valley. She recently moved to town and looks forward to visiting us.
PSA: Get vaxed up, everyone! Dan Snyder noted it’s much easier to get an appointment now.
This week’s social media member spotlight was Ensy Afdari, who is inspired and honored to be in the club.
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Lisa presented the results of the survey, completed by 67% of members. The winning age category was the 70 year olds.
  • 62% wanted more than the usual speaker programs, such as service or breakouts.
  • 33% still want Zoom offered
  • 63% want new location to be in Los Gatos
  • many comments about the social aspect being important
  • Lisa’s team is investigating 12 different venues and will report results as available, including Testarosa and JCC
  • Morning Rotary will meet at Loma Brewing
Inspiration was led by Jamie, and included several humorous Covid thoughts such as
  • Who would have ever thought “I wouldn’t touch that with a  6 foot pole” would become a national policy?
  • The best way to not touch your face is to hold 2 glasses of wine.
Anjana Bose was our welcoming greeter. Guests included Hal Rosen’s wife Lydia. Marty’s guest was new member Rebecca Alvarez, receiving her Red Badge and giving a short bio. She lives in Scotts Valley and works for West Valley College and has event experience. Also we were honored to have Suzy Erekson and daughter Amy, who told us Charles chose the Los Gatos rotary Scholarship fund to receive funds.
We were all deeply saddened to lose long time Rotarian and friend Charley Erekson last week to cancer.  Many members shared their memories.
  • Tom O’Donnell shared that they spent many hours on the Planning Commission together, and that Charley was remarkable, intelligent, and courteous always. He also had a distinguished career at Santa Clara University.
  • Tina remembered him as an advisor extraordinaire, as he helped her on many improvement projects when she was Club President. He had great wisdom and new how to have fun and innovate. She is very sorry to see him gone.
  • Andrew Howard and Nicholas recalled he was a gentleman and thoughtful and welcoming to new members, despite sitting at the bad boys’ table in the back.
  • Dan Snyder recalled he was always warm and encouraging.
  • Grady remembered they enjoyed a good-natured sports rivalry, and that he was light and lovable.
  • Andrew Stearns said if you asked Charley how he was, you better have an hour. He would come back for the CrabFeed after retiring to Oregon, and he will be sorely missed.
  • Art recalled Charley as a great travel partner and friend and he misses him.
Suzy and Amy shared the details for the online Celebration of Life Event on May 2. You can view the invitation for Charley's Celebration of Life Service here by clicking here.
Marlon noted the Rotary anniversaries, including long-timers Andrew Stearns (25 years) and LeRoy (41 years). Rounding out the group are Dan Snyder (8), Riley (3), and Lydia (1).
This week’s social media member spotlight was David Wells, a valued member.
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Club Information


Due to COVID-19
We zoom every Tuesday 12pm - 1:30pm
Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings.
Contact: secretary@losgatosrotary.org
for zoom login
Mailing Address:
PO Box 1018
Los Gatos, CA  95031
May 2021
Community Events
Guest Speakers
Paul Johnson, LGUSD Superintendent
May 18, 2021
State of the State in the Los Gatos Union School District
State of the State in the Los Gatos Union School District
Larry Stone, SCC Assessor
May 25, 2021
Overview on Proposition 19
Community service
We provide food and volunteer in many food pantries including St. Lukes, House of Hope in Los Gatos, Second Harvest in San Jose, and Rise Against Hunger.  Fighting hunger and providing for low income households is just one way are helping during these difficult times.  
“For Los Gatos Rotarians, Service and Fellowship are two intertwining themes that drive much of what our club does. Our members give what they can even blood. 
 We partner with other Rotary clubs. We collected hundreds of shoes that will be delivered to Africa, South America and the Caribbean. 

Join us - we are people of Action

We meet every Tuesday 12:15-1:30pm at the Los Gatos Lodge.  Every month we complete a community service project, host social events, offer networking opportunities that build personal and professional connections.  Our two largest fund raiser are held in January CrabFest and Auction and April The Great Race of Los Gatos.  From the proceeds of our fundraisers, we have created charities and scholarship foundations, allowing us to give approximately $125,000 annually to local and international organizations and award high school seniors college scholarships. 

Rotary's 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment to Service Above Self. In more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, you'll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio.


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