“Together, we see a world where people unite & take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities, & in ourselves.”
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Club News
This was the first meeting at our new location, Shir Hadash. The meeting was called to order by President Nicholas Welzenbach at 12:30. This was also our first hybrid meeting. Thanks to Doug Brent and Gregg Butterfield you can still attend the meetings remotely. Nicholas’ mom joined us from Kansas. Nicholas also thanked Lisa Cheskin for all her work arranging our new meeting place. Please thank the staff members at Shir Hadash if you see them.
Mike Frangadakis led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Nicholas continued his theme with music. The song we heard was Soul Mining by The The, suggested by Patti van der Burg. If you have a song that has special meaning to you share the story with Nicholas.
John Pencer inspired us with a story about making choices and feeding the side of ourselves that does good in the world.


Nicholas’ guest was Dr. Erin Harnett
Don McCleve brought his granddaughter Holly Wilson
Suzanne Boxer-Gassman brought Amy Lee as her guest
Lydia Norcia introduced soon to be member Nancy Cosentino
Club accountant Heather Sexton was introduced by Patti van der Burg
Andrew Howard brought Lisa Sieber
Ginger McDonald and Mike Wyman visited us from the LG Morning Rotary.
Thanks for joining us today. It was nice to see everyone.

July birthdays introduced by Marlon Smith

  • Todd Taylor
  • Art Rabitz
  • Sarita Johnson
  • Eric Beckstrom
  • Ron Cassel
  • Tom O’Donnell
  • William Pope
  • Karen Anderson
Happy Birthday! Thank you to Don McCleve for accompanying us on the piano. It was great to
celebrate in person again.
*Enjoy live music, people watching, and help promote Rotary * 

For the next 4 Thursdays 4-8pm we will have a community outreach Rotary tent setup in front of Ed Stahl's Travel Advisors storefront.  We have setup time & date slots and if everyone would consider taking one slot it will allow us all to also have time to enjoy this lively community event.

Welcome to our new Tuesday Happy Hour! This week we enjoyed the company, food and amazing views at Gordon and Judy's mountain home. Gordon also displayed his woodworking talents under platters of food and photos on this link below.  Join us next Tuesday (July 20th) for lunch at Shir Hadash.  Learn about teaching leadership through robotics from our guest speaker Dr. Anh-Quan Nguyen. Be sure to order your lunch here before Monday Lunch 
Check out the video from this meeting on our Facebook page - Click here!
The meeting was brought to order by our new Club President, Nicholas Welzenbach at 12:30pm. This was our first in-person meeting since March of 2020 and was held at Oak Meadow Park in Los Gatos.
Mike Frangadakis led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.
John Pencer provided the Inspiration with a poem that focused on friendships. 
David Karwowski welcomed guests and visiting Rotarians. We had one visiting Rotarian, Hung Weoi from the Cupertino Club. Our guests included a member from the Fisher family plus Nicholas Welzenbach’s wife and kids.
Nicholas Welzenbach shared about his love of music and how it will tie into every meeting this year. He thanked Lisa Norcia Cheskin for getting everything together for the lunch and our new meeting location, Shir Hadash. He also thanked Doug Brent for all of his continued help and reminded all of us to embrace change and focus on having fun as a Club. 
Patti van der Burg thanked all of those who helped out on the Cat Tail Committee this past year.
Ron Cassel presented one final Certificate of Appreciation from last week’s Roast and Toast dinner to David Karwowski for everything he’s done for the Club.
Nicholas Welzenbach spoke more about the importance of adaptability and change then thanked the new Welcome Committee: Tina Orsi-Hartigan, Terri Trotter and Anjana Bose. He reminded us of the new meeting structure that will be in place for at least the next three months: every second Tuesday will be a social get-together instead of daytime meeting.
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July 2021
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Club Activity
Jul 27, 2021
PPE Community service project
PPE Community service project
Community service
We provide food and volunteer in many food pantries including St. Lukes, House of Hope in Los Gatos, Second Harvest in San Jose, and Rise Against Hunger.  Fighting hunger and providing for low income households is just one way are helping during these difficult times.  
“For Los Gatos Rotarians, Service and Fellowship are two intertwining themes that drive much of what our club does. Our members give what they can even blood. 
 We partner with other Rotary clubs. We collected hundreds of shoes that will be delivered to Africa, South America and the Caribbean. 
Rotary International 2021/22 Theme