“Together, we see a world where people unite & take action to create lasting change - 
across the globe, in our communities, & in ourselves.”
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Club News
Meeting called to order by president Andrew Stearns.
Dan Doore led us in the flag salute.
Jamie Hekkelman shared an inspirational story from Mark Chernoff called “All the Difference in the World.” It was about a woman who cleaned turtles at a lake on Sunday mornings. A man observing her asked why she would do it since she could help only a few of the turtles on earth. She responded if this turtle could talk, it would say she made all the difference in the world. The moral of the story: You can change the world – maybe not all at once, but one person, one animal, and one good deed at a time.  Wake up every morning and pretend like what you do makes a difference.  It does. Thank you, Jamie.
Guests: Rob Boucher. Rob has submitted an application to join.
Doug Brent brought his wife Marjorie and his daughter Laura. Laura works in security and has worked at NATO and DHS. Doug said she is on the phone so she can make any corrections to his presentation. 
Patti van der Burg from the We Care Committee asked us to let them know if anyone needs a card or any support. Susanne Boxer-Gassman thanked the committee for the card she received. She is recovering very well with her new knee.
Ron Cassel announced that Cardie Harmon’s wife passed away about three weeks ago.
Membership Committee chair, Lisa Cheskin, wanted to remind (pressure) everyone about the family membership that she and her husband Barry enjoy.  Maybe Lydia Rosen or Marjorie Brent would like to join them?
The Rotary planter has just been tended to and is now ready for the holidays. Lydia Norcia said it was her first time and it was very easy, the soil is perfect. Also helping Dick Konard were Ron Cassel and Greg Gomon. They planted a new type of cyclamen that is just out this year. Stop by to see them. Thanks for keeping our planter looking so good. 


Rotary Foundation: A reminder was sent. Dan Snyder said keep giving. 
Holiday Wish Drive: Lisa C. we are up to 29 gifts, our goal is to meet or beat last year’s 126 gifts. Judy Rodriguez said it is so easy, go to the club website, you’ll see a link on the club home page or you can click here.
WineFest: Patti vdB gave a big thank you to Art Rabitz and other club members we have reached $12,250 in cash sponsorship. This is a record for us. 
St. Luke's: Meghan Burton thanked Carol Abela, Randy Cobb, Doug Brent, Grady Jeter and Tina Orsi-Hartigan for their donations to St. Luke’s this morning.
Meeting was called to order by President Andrew Stearns.
Ed Stahl led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Inspiration was Jamie Hekkelman. In honor of Veteran’s Day she read a letter written by a soldier in Iraq to his wife. He described the day breaking in Iraq and showed us that romance is still alive.Guests:

Felix Lee is a returning guest. Felix was part of ELC.

Charles Erickson wanted to say hello to all his Los Gatos friends. 

Darryl Monda is retiring from Rotary but is still a supporter of the Rotary Foundation. He is looking into joining the Rotary Club of Cayucos located in central California where he is spending much of his time.
Anjana Bose, a guest of Jamie’s. This is Anjana’s second visit and she will be joining our group. Welcome!
Rob Boucher is another returning guest. Rob submitted his application last night. So glad you’re joining us Rob.

Lisa Cheskin and the membership committee wanted to honor our club’s veterans. They are:

  • Mike Frangadakis
  • Myron Smith
  • Dick Konrad
  • Ed Stahl
  • Rob Chaykin
  • Art Rabitz
  • Gary Allison
  • Grady Jeter
 Thank you for your service!

Congratulations to everyone celebrating a club anniversary:

  • John Colwell- 55 years!
  • Janice Gali- 6 years
  • Amy Potts- 6 years
  • Russell Couch- 1 year
  • Greg Smith- 7 years
  • Ed Stahl- 54 years!
  • Greg Gomon- 4 years
  • Neal Mudgett- 5 years
  • Hal Rosen- 4 years
  • Gordon Levin- 6 years
  • Tina Orsi-Hartigan- 19 years
  • David Hubbard- 2 years
President Andrew welcomed all to the Halloween edition meeting, complete with spooky slides, and everyone was absolutely happy. Heidi led the pledge. Erika’s inspiration dealt with encouraging all to not have self-pity, and take action and be empowered to help yourself.
Meghan introduced her guest Leanne Johnson, whom she has known since their grown kids met in kindergarten.
Doug explained the Nominating Committee process has moved to the next step, and after the meeting all will get an email request to vote for up to 5 of the top 10 vote-getters from last week’s voting. 
Suzanne shared her fun video that documented our Fall Drive-in movie Mamma Mia. It was a socially distanced good time, and President Andrew thanked organizers Tina and Mike. Tina announced that along with some DDF Funds, a total of $4700 was raised to help the Fire Victims Fund.
First Thursday Happy Hour is next week at Los Gatos Coffee Roasting Company 5:30-7:30, with 20 indoor and 10 outdoor seats. Tasting of 5 wines plus cheese etc is $25 ea, and a full menu is available if you want to stay for dinner. Thanks for arranging Gae and Maddie.
Second Harvest group volunteer shift is Wednesday 10/28. Patti sent an email reminder to those that signed up.
Jeff reminded all there is an Oak Meadow Park cleanup Saturday Nov 7. Meet 9am at the carousel and bring your mask.
Tina thanked this week’s St. Luke’s homeless brunch food donators, including Randy and Kathie with colored eggs, Tom, Art, and Carol.
Charlie Erickson led us in the pledge
Inspiration was provided by Jamie who told us of a psychological experiment that revealed that by giving happiness we achieve happiness, and this is the true purpose of life, and we can definitely find inspiration in that for Rotary!

Visiting Rotarians:

Charlie Erickson

Guests of Rotarians:

Nikolette Rodman-Kelly, Karen Anderson, Felix Lee, Bob Boucher, Anjana
We started by celebrating November birthdays, and Don Mcleve played the piano for us. 
Our nominating committee for 2021 is Susan Boxer-Gasman, Marty Fishman, Lisa Cheskin, Andrew Stearns, and Doug Brent.
Dan and Avis talked about donating to the Rotary Foundation, and the importance of contributing to this so that we can further international efforts to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, support of education, and alleviation of poverty.  Andrew put the contributions into perspective saying $.60 is the cost of one polio vaccination.
First Thursday will be November 5th from 5:30-7:30 with a wine tasting on the patio at Los Gatos Roasting Company.
Patti talked about the work at second harvest food bank where they helped sort food.  Many Rotarians contributed!
Club Information


Due to COVID-19
We zoom every Tuesday 12pm - 1:30pm
Visitors are welcome to attend our meetings.
Contact: secretary@losgatosrotary.org
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When we can meet in person
it will be every Tuesdays
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December 2020
Guest Speakers
Dr. Randy Rowe, Teen Challenge CEO
Dec 08, 2020
Teen Challenge NorWestCal Nevada
Teen Challenge NorWestCal Nevada
Laura Gill, Marine Mammal Center
Jan 05, 2021
Behind the Bark of Sea Lions and Seals
Dr. Joel Ernst, UCSF
Jan 12, 2021
Results of Pfizer and Moderna Covid Vaccine Trials
Community service
We provide food and volunteer in many food pantries including St. Lukes, House of Hope in Los Gatos, Second Harvest in San Jose, and Rise Against Hunger.  Fighting hunger and providing for low income households is just one way are helping during these difficult times.  
“For Los Gatos Rotarians, Service and Fellowship are two intertwining themes that drive much of what our club does. Our members give what they can even blood. 
 We partner with other Rotary clubs. We collected hundreds of shoes that will be delivered to Africa, South America and the Caribbean. 

Join us - we are people of Action

We meet every Tuesday 12:15-1:30pm at the Los Gatos Lodge.  Every month we complete a community service project, host social events, offer networking opportunities that build personal and professional connections.  Our two largest fund raiser are held in January CrabFest and Auction and April The Great Race of Los Gatos.  From the proceeds of our fundraisers, we have created charities and scholarship foundations, allowing us to give approximately $125,000 annually to local and international organizations and award high school seniors college scholarships. 

Rotary's 1.2 million members believe it starts with a commitment to Service Above Self. In more than 34,000 clubs worldwide, you'll find members volunteering in communities at home and abroad to support education and job training, provide clean water, combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, and eradicate polio.


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